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The end of a marriage is never easy, even if the divorce is jointly sought.  If you are thinking of a divorce, whether you are gay or straight,  you have rights that you should familiarize yourself with before you make a decision.  Contact Tim today.  Let him guide you with compassion and courtesy.


If there is any basis to reverse a lower court decision with which you are unhappy, Tim Lewis will find it, and he will champion your cause.  Tim is an expertly trained appellate attorney.  Trust him.  If you can be helped, he will be the one to help you. 

Whether you are a high-net worth individual or a single parent striving to make ends meet, planning for your own future, and the future of those you care about, is critical.  Let Tim Lewis help you design an estate plan that is right for your needs.  And if you need help probating an estate, Tim can help you through that process, too.

Trust Tim to handle this sensitive time for you with the utmost dignity and respect.  The bankruptcy system can be mentally daunting and emotionally difficult. Don't handle this alone. Tim is there to help you through this.

A DUI charge wakes up two machines: the criminal justice machinery and the administrative machinery.  Both must be dealt with.  Contact Tim as quickly as you can following a DUI charge, and he can help you through both processes.  A DUI conviction can have lasting consequences.  Don't delay.  Call Tim today.

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